.: "Truth Through Technology" :.

"I can't contradict anything in Mr. Nelson's testimony."

From the State's computer forensics examiner — The prosecuting attorney shortly thereafter moved to dismiss charges against the defendant. This was after Bill Nelson's testimony on the actual nature of the evidence that the State had initially thought was compelling evidence of guilt. Mr. Nelson retained by the defense to provide technical and expert testimony in 'State of Washington v. Bajwa'


At IT Forensics, Inc. our motto is "Truth Through Technology". We work with attorneys, investigators, litigation support firms,  corporate security  and human resources departments to support them in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.
Often the computer forensic evidence we discover and the analysis that we provide is the key evidence needed for a successful resolution of a case.
Exculpatory digital evidence that was overlooked by the government's forensic examiners will often be instrumental to a criminal defense attorney in bringing a prompt and favorable conclusion to a case.
We believe that people can make sound decisions only when a complete review of available evidence has been conducted.